On March 1, 2019, Weston became part of Applied Research Associates. We are now known as the Weston Geophysical Group in ARA's Arlington Division. The press release is here.

About Us

Weston Geophysical Corp. is a privately held consulting firm focused on seismic monitoring research. Our staff has expertise in all aspects of monitoring manmade and natural seismicity, at scales ranging from microseismic to global. Some specific areas of focus include the following:

  • Advanced signal processing algorithms for highly accurate seismic event detection, location and characterization
  • Field deployments to examine source phenomenology and monitor induced/triggered seismicity
  • Coda-based studies of magnitude and other source parameters
  • Regional surface-wave magnitudes and discriminants
  • Three-dimensional seismic velocity models of the crust and upper mantle
    • Primary Office Address

      Weston Geophysical Corp.
      181 Bedford Street, Suite 1
      Lexington, MA 02420

      Staff Email and Phone Contacts

      Mr. James Lewkowicz: jiml@westongeo.com 781-860-0127
      Dr. Aaron Ferris: aferris@westongeo.com 781-860-0025
      Mr. Peter Hubbard: phubbard@westongeo.com 774-329-3074
      Mr. Mark Leidig: mleidig@westongeo.com
      Ms. Vanessa Napoli: vnapoli@westongeo.com
      Dr. Delaine Reiter: delaine@westongeo.com 781-860-0114
      Mr. Jeremy Salerno : jsalerno@westongeo.com
      Dr. Anastasia Stroujkova: ana@westongeo.com
      Dr. Seung-Hoon Yoo: syoo@westongeo.com 781-860-0124